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At Cat Harness Australia, we believe in responsible cat owners. Our escape proof cat harness, designed for and tested by Aussie domestic cats, ensures that your cat is as comfortable and secure as possible on outdoor adventures. Ideal for the Houdini cats of the world who can just about sneak their way out of any harness. Having your cat on a harness when outdoors minimises the impact of pet cats on native Australian wildlife. For more information on this issue please visit here.

Ideal for Australia's many climate zones, our adjustable cat harness is pure cotton with an undyed lining. The ideal accessory for adventures such as road trips, bush walks and trips to the beach or local cafe. But also perfect for trips to the vet and simply walking your cat around the backyard or neighbourhood. Being cooped up all day inside can be a bore, so broaden your kitty's horizons with an environmental enrichment walk.

Our cat harness size chart can be found below. It is important to purchase the correct sized harness for your cat to ensure it fits your cat snug and comfortably.

Available in three colours (Black, Bone and Natural) and six sizes, XS (Kitten), S, M, L, XL & XXL. The harness is a jacket style that fastens with high-strength velcro for around the neck and belly of your cat. The silver buckle is located on the mid-back of the harness to alleviate any pressure from the lead on your cat's neck. The jacket is designed with a focus on your cat feeling secure like they are being hugged. They also have the flexibility in their shoulders to feel more confident on their walks. The jacket design is escape-proof when fastened properly, as the cats can't wiggle their arms through the arm holes.

To fasten your cat harness properly, there should be only enough room for a finger gap between the cat's body and the harness. Their elbows should not be able to wiggle out of it if there is only that minimum of space. It is very easy to put on. Please evaluate inside your home before your big adventure! Test to make sure you have purchased the correct size and that if you were to try to get your cat's elbow to wiggle out, this won't be possible. We do NOT recommend tethering your cat in our harness to any fixings. Supervised walks only.

On our blog you can find our answers to some of the big questions.

1$ from every Catventure Cat Harness will be donated towards WIRES, an organisation that has been rescuing and caring for wildlife in Australia for over 35 years.

Cat Harness Sizing Chart

Neck Circumference      Chest Circumference
XS 14 - 21cm 18 - 28cm
S 17 - 22cm 29 - 37cm
M 22 - 29cm 34 - 41cm
L 26 - 32cm 38 - 48cm
XL 29 - 36cm 41 - 51cm
XXL 32 - 38cm 51 - 61cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Day 1 of Harness

I have a 6 mnth old Tonkinese kitteen who is highly energetic, very intelligent and adventurous. I put her harness on, with treats available and within 10 mins she was out on my oatio, lead attached. No concerns with the harness, , just accepted. She spent 15 mins sniffing around patio in a slightly crouched position and on a relaxed lead before returning indoors. I left the harness on for her to explore her home. I removed the harness without a problem then reapplied it to make sure I was able to do so on my own, Later that afternoon I put her harness back on for a further time out on the patio to enjoy all the sniffies. Today, day 2 Trixie jumped up onto her climbing frame as soon as she saw the harness, she knew there would be treats available I put on her harness and took her out to the patio. After about 15 mins I lifted her out onto the lawn, almost immediately she tried to eat the longer grass then slowly walked a little further, all on a relaxed lead. She then took me around the lawn area past my neighbour, sniffing all the way. I could not believe how well she was going. After 40 mins I encouraged her to come back home as I thought she would be getting tired. She really is an incredible little cat. She has jumped up into a chair, onto my bed to sleep and to finish her lunch, all with the harness on. Thank you for the great harness and all your helpful notes.

Best Harness

Gatsby Mainecoon loves his harness. It must be comfy because he doesn't want to take it off! It's very soft and easy to put on. It's like he is being hugged. I'd highly recommend!

CMH de Valence
Adventure harness doubles as a calming jacket

My little blue Burmese boy (14 months) adores going for walks in his Catventure harness; and he looks so cool wearing it, too! It is secure, safe, and comfortable (the fact that it's made of cotton and not synthetic material was important to me in this respect). I like that the neck and tummy velcro fastenings are broad, and open in opposite directions - definitely escape-proof. I also like that the leash is not too long - it is long enough to permit a bit of wander space, but not so long that it would take any time to reach him and scoop him up (if, for example, a dog approached, or if he started sniffing some plant that cats shouldn't touch).

One thing I have noticed: if he is being extra bouncy around the house (leaping onto the bookshelves to nibble my books, naughty boy, or scaling the curtains), he calms down immediately if I put the harness on him. He had a bit of a troubled life before he came to me at 7 months, and can get anxious, sometimes even bitey (he has a fear of abandonment, I think, having had several homes in his short life), and the harness seems to provide him with a sense of security. He will go from being anxious and nippy to calm and relaxed as soon as he's in the harness. I can actually feel the tension go out of his body - he just relaxes into my arms and falls asleep purring. This harness may not have been developed as an aid for anxious cats, but I'd certainly recommend its efficacy in this regard.


My cat has gotten out of every harness I’ve ever brought him but this one! He can sleep in it, run around the backyard , safety be in the car ect never buying another harness from any other brand but this one

Paula Eder
Best ever..

My cat is a houdini, but he cannot get out of this harness. He doesn't mind it on him, seems to be comfy. Thank you