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  • 🙅 No more "backing out"

    Our jacket style harness design ensures your cat can't simply back right out of the harnesses. A common pain point when using step in or H style harness design.

  • ✅ Strong velcro straps, no difficult buckles & clips

    Our simple and extremely strong velcro design is easy to put on and take off. We all know how hard it is to adjust clips and buckles on cats.

  • 🙀 No more straps digging into shoulder blades

    Say goodbye to those thin strappy harnesses that pinch and dig into your kitty's shoulder blades. Our light cotton harness is the most comfortable and moves with the cat's body.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 30 day satisfaction guarantee will have you purring. Translation: you can return your harness for a full refund of the purchase price if you're not fully satisfied.

Learn more about our pawsome refund guarantee below.

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Why the Catventure harness?

• Strengthen the bond between you & your cat

• Enhance your cats' physical enrichment

• Support your cats' mental stimulation

• Protect the natural environment by promoting keeping cats safe indoors

• Trust our harness to keep your cat safe when exploring the great outdoors

Free Beginner's Harness Training Guide with your order

• Our very social cat community on Instagram are there to support you along your catventures and make furriends

• Responsive and fast customer service available by phone, live chat and email