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The Catventure harness is uncompromising in quality

Designed for and tested by Aussie domestic cats, ensuring that your cat is as comfortable and secure as possible. Ideal for the Houdini cats of the world who can just about sneak their way out of any harness.

All our Catventure Harnesses are made from 100% Cotton with high strength velcro on the straps. The silver buckle is located on the mid-back of the harness to alleviate any pressure from the lead on your cats neck. The jacket style is designed with a focus of your cat feeling secure like they are being hugged.

Our Catventure Leashes are taking a step in the right direction in recycled consumer pet accessories. Made from recycled plastic bottles to create a durable, flexible, tough leash to provide an eco-friendly option. The 100% recycled plastic bottles means the material is ready for all of your cats adventures and walks.

No more backing out of harnesses

Our jacket style harness design ensures your cat can't simply back right out of the harnesses. A common pain point when using step in harness design.

No digging into shoulder blades

Say goodbye to those thin strappy harnesses which pinch and dig into your kitties shoulder blades. Our light cotton harness is the most comfortable and moves with the cats body.

Simple velcro strap, no difficult buckles

Our simple velcro design allows your to easily put our harness on and take it off. We all know how hard it is to adjust clips and buckles on cats.

We're not kitten around

Cat Harness Australia is still a young brand, we are inspired by all of the paw-ssionate cat owners that have created beautiful memories with their fur babies and protect the environment.

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