About us

Hello there! We're Nick and Taylor, the proud founders of Cat Harness Australia. Our story begins in the captivating Illawarra region of New South Wales, where we combined our passion for cats and innovation to create a haven for feline explorers.

Our journey started back in 2021, inspired by our beloved all-white rescue cat, Elsa. As devoted cat parents, we recognised Elsa's longing to experience the great outdoors. However, with her susceptibility to skin cancer, keeping her indoors was paramount to her health and the safety of the wildlife around us. With Nick's background as an Environmental Scientist, we were acutely aware of the risks outdoor exposure posed to Elsa and Elsa's impact on the native Australian environment. This ignited our quest to find a solution that would bridge the gap between Elsa's curiosity and her safety.

Navigating through numerous pet store offerings, we realised that most harnesses failed Elsa's "wriggle test," unable to provide the secure fit she needed. Undeterred, we channeled our determination and love into designing a harness that would not only conquer Elsa's challenges but also empower cats everywhere to embark on their own safe adventures.

Taylor's background in Design lent a creative edge to our journey to find a solution. Enter the "Catventure Harness" – a creation born from Elsa's inspiration. Through careful consideration of materials, form, and comfort, Taylor's touch ensures that every harness isn't just a safety mechanism but a classic style that cats would be proud to wear on their explorations. Although, she does yearn for some fun colours and prints...coming soon 😉🤫
This jacket style harness has comfort, security, and style. Designed to fit like a second skin, the Catventure Harness ensures that feline explorers can enjoy the outdoors without compromising their safety or comfort.

Our journey took a new turn when we recognised that Elsa's story was far from unique. Many indoor cats long for the thrill of the outdoors while staying protected. Driven by our shared love for cats and the native wildlife, Cat Harness Australia was born. Our mission: to provide a gateway to safe explorations, bonding experiences, and unforgettable catventures all while protecting cats and the environment.

Cat Harness Australia is more than a brand; it's a testament to the bond we share with Elsa and the countless cats yearning for the outdoors. We invite you to join us on this journey, where safety, style, and the spirit of adventure converge. We absolutely adore the cat community that shares the passion for harness walking and we are there every step of the way to continue to provide solutions for your cats adventure. We only hope that you and your fur babies create the best memories and enrich both of your lives, physically and mentally.

Lots of purrs, Nick, Taylor & Elsa