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Rag doll adventures with ease

Perfect and feels much kinder for my cat, rather than lead and harness, he loves it ! I also feel it’s gives him a secure feeling wearing it. The quality fabric etc makes it a perfect investment for my pet. I would highly recommend!

Cat Leash
Naomi Baker
Light weight for kitten

Nice and light weight for our kitten.

Kitten loves exploring outside

Our kitten took to wearing the harness really quickly. She loves exploring outside. Nice and comfortable for her. She’s never tried to get it off.

Xmas cat harness

Looks great but even though I ordered a medium normal harness the Xmas harness that was sent was a very small kitten size so I can’t use it.

No more stress

Perfect for my little escape artist.. makes both our lives more adventurous.

I have tried other harnesses and this one my cat is okay with. I can now walk my cat outdoor!

One less star as it does take a while to get my order and had to exchange which took awhile again but they did come through in the end and I am happy very happy with it

My 11 year old cat loves it!

My kitty has always been an inside cat and pretty anxious and never used a harness. I put the harness and lead on her and thought I’d have to wait for her to get used to it before going outside but she adjusted well pretty much within a few days. She’s always excited to go out for walkies now and is getting better each time learning commands and adjusting to the lead.

Escape proof harness

It's awesome our kitty canot escape and she walks more in this than any others I have tried, and she escaped from others but as I said not this one, I highly recommend.. x

My favourite harness

My favourite cat harness. I was told by the rescue Puffin is from that “this is the biggest change we have seen in one of our shy kitties” and I owe it to this harness. It allows Puffin to feel safe and be safe which has helped grow his confidence and go from hiding in a corner under a table to a happy adventure cat!

I couldn’t be happier and recommend this harness to anyone looking to harness train their cat 🥰

Exactly what I hoped it would be!

I feel super secure taking my cat to more places than the back garden now. The harness really is impossible to get out of and super comfy for my cat, couldn't recommend these enough!

Comfy and stylish

I have tried many different harnesses with our cat, which he struggled out of. With this harness, he does not become distressed putting it on and happily jumps around the back yard. Not quite up to walkies yet

Catventure Starter Pack
This harness is awesome!

This is working out fantastically well. My little boy is having the time of his life. Now he’s got the best of both worlds - as an indoor cat he’s safe, and he still gets to experience the joy of the outside world.

Best harness

I walk my cat every morning and these truly are the best harnesses out there. Nice and comfortable and far more accepting for cats. So many people have stopped and asked where did I get my harness from. I've tried others but they don't compare.

Santapaws Harness

What a cute idea. And he looks great! We get so many comments and looks. Thanks again team.

A cute festive option!

I got both my cats one of these harnesses because I thought it would be a cute festive option for the season. I also had vague intentions of taking Christmas card pics, but that will have to be a goal for next year.

The harness is functionally the same as the non-themed ones (on that note what about halloween ones??) and feels nicely solid in construction with good grippy velcro.

The cats are still adjusting to the new harnesses but so far I am pleased with the ease of getting them on and off, as well as adjusting the fit.

The little Santa head toys were a cute addition, my other cat shredded one within a day however so if your cat play hard they will not last long past this Christmas.

All in all an excellent option for the season!

My Ragdoll kitten took to this very quickly and loves her daily walk. Brilliant harness for a safe daily walk

Great harness

Morty loves his harness!

Great fun investment

My 5months kitten Maggie doesn't seem to mind about wearing her litte adventure vest. It only takes her 2 days to fully adopted the harness so we went for a walk . Very happy with this purchase .

Excellent product,

Absolutely perfect

Our cat took to the harness immediately! He waits by the open door until the harness is on. Very happy :) He’s very sensitive to noise but the harness seems to calm him.


Now we can go to the garden and the beach more safely with my cat.
Thank you.

My cat loves them even finding the bag and ripping it open and enjoying a feast!

It’s gorgeous, but it’s way too small for him.

Cat Leash
Steven Edwards
Meow seeing red

Goes well with Xmas harness

Needs a little tweeking

I love the design of the escape proof harness, although I think it needs a little tweeking. For example, it covers too much of my cats neck at the back and front, I think the neck strap is too wide.