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Fabulous! The only harness that works for my skittish cat

Max was very clever at slipping his harness but not now ! It’s great a really good product and would recommend to any other cat walker. Marg

Catventure Starter Pack
Maria and Brad Klingner
Thanks guys

2 very happy cats! Carlos thinks it's the best thing ever, he'd be out on it all day if he had it his way 🤣 Maisy likes to take her time but still appreciates the outside time. Thanks for this product! And thanks for Ella for packing my order.

Review of natural colour Kitten harnesses

We love these harnesses. Our kittens Arin and Sora took to their comfy vests right away! Here is a photo of Arin going for an explore of our driveway

Finally escape proof

After trying all other kinds of generic cat harnesses on the market it was when we moved to a new home and my cat escaped out of his harness that enough was enough. So we tried catventure in L. It was a little hard to judge what size he is a large fluffy cat but it seems to fit well and he took to it instantly. He cant escape or back out if somthing takes him by surprise which is very reassuring in the new environment. I would 100% recommend ditching any other harnesses in favour of this one. Thanks

Easy to place and comfortable to wear

Wookiee is only just 12 months old. And she is only allowed outside wearing the harness and when she sees it she knows she is able to go exploring. Unfortunately she is not a cat that likes to be held yet. And the ease of this makes it a less stressful event. She hardly flops now when we go to place around her belly. The Velcro is great as she is still growing.

I love your company so much the name is cute and a lovely colour. This one is for my 2nd cat and he's learning really well already how to use it we're in NZ but moving to QLD and I'm excited for my cats to know how to walk with a lead since the laws stop them free roaming

Amazing the name is so cute my cat already did travelling with a harness and this one seems so much for comfortable for him and he can't squeeze out


Yes, the 2 kittens (now 6months old)
know what walk means. We started with the kitten starter pack and have moved through sizes as they grow. Now have Tao in small and Jin in medium ( we think he is going to be a big boy ). The kittens are very happy and relaxed wearing them and we can keep them safe as they slowly start to explore the property. More adventures on the horizon!

New favourite harness

I've been really impressed with the harness and how well my cat Ponyo has taken to it. It's also proved very secure a few times when Ponyo has gone to suddenly run somewhere. I will definitely look to buy another in the future!

Catventure Starter Pack
Emmanuel PEREIRA

Minou is enjoying Coolum Beach as never before. Beaches, rocks, parks...he does it all!


This is a well made harness. But, ant harness design that requires squashing velcro together under a cat's tummy, is a flawed design it would be far better if the closures were both at the back. I close it on her back and twist it around and that's not good because you have it too loose to be effective.

Meowvalous harness

I have 2 and both kitties have taken to the harness after slowly introducing it to them in short doses (5 min intervals). Definitely recommend playing with the kitties whilst they are wearing the harness helps them get use to it quickly. Fluffy knows that wearing it means she gets to go for a walk outside - sometimes she will sit on it to indicate that she'd like a walk! Harness is well made and sturdy. They haven't been able to pry it open when they initially tried - but they're not that keen to anymore. Thank you catventure!

Not sure, but hey i will get used it

Flopped and froze the first few days, now cant wait to get outside.
Squeezed his way out twice, dont know how, but all good now.

So far so good

Our Little kitten Alba loves going outside for a walk on her new leash. It's still a bit big for her so have to wrap it tight but she is getting more confident and she is so curious to explore. She still has a funny walk with it on and at first hated it but now she runs and waits patiently to be put in it as she loves going outside.

Easy to use

Our young furbaby loves her harness. As soon as she sees us pick it up, or hears the clip jingle, she runs to the door and sits patiently waiting for us to put it on her. It fits so well and seems comfortable on her, as she's never struggled to get it off. Highly recommended this harness. It's so easy not having to struggle with tricky clips and buckles.

Catventure - Escape Proof Cat Harness - Black
Valerie Hooper this is in response to a request on face book

My male cat stormi can pull himself backward and shake off his harness. I put it on ver fairly and he doesn’t mind that but outside if he hears a different voice or noise he does the naughty thinh

Hi Valerie, based off the image we think the size might be too big as there is a lot of overhang on the neck. We will reach out about organising an exchange for the size down.

Harness patience

Our little Indie suffers from anxiety. 2 weeks on and she has her harness on. She is doing the 'I can't walk or move' syndrome but we will keep trying to get her to walk. The training session was very helpful and we are on the journey to get her walking with her harness.

Good except he got out of it

It’s well made and I love the colour. Quite a good length too. Very happy with both of my purchases

We only just started our training so haven’t left the house yet. My girl warmed up to it really quickly. Walked a bit funny at first today but is trotting around the house happy with herself now. Still prefers to use it as a hat. lol. Keeps digging her way under it

Purrrfect noodle restrainer

If you have a liquid cat like mine, this harness is amazing! She doesn’t even try to wriggle out of this, unlike others we have tried. It’s super easy to put on and the Velcro is very very sturdy (almost tough to get off a wriggly cat though haha) 11/10 recommend.

Catventure Starter Pack
Charli mae Homan
Super love them

Thanking you cat harness Australia for my two harnesses!! I have black in small and beige in medium. Super happy to finally be able to go for adventures with my cat. My cat is 2.7 kg for reference 3yrs

Mixed success

My Burmese kitten, now 7 months old, isn't adapting very well to his walks.
He doesn't like the restriction to his front legs, so often goes backwards.
The harness tends to slip around when he is restless in it. I'll keep trying. It's so lovely being outside with him.