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How To Put A Harness On A Cat

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So you have been inspired to take your cat for its first Cat Adventure with the Catventure Cat Harness. The first step is investing in a good quality escape-proof cat harness which is comfortable and secure. Next step, you need to learn how to put on a cat harness.

Below are a few handy tips on how to introduce your kitty to wearing a cat harness to earning its stripes as a true Cat Adventurer.


Why use a cat harness?

Walking your cat outdoors is a great way to stimulate your cat mentally and physically. However, before your cat starts exploring, it is crucial to make sure they are secure in the harness.

Using a cat harness which covers the majority of their chest provides the support and comfort your cat needs to feel safe. The "jacket-style" design of the Catventure Cat Harness makes it impossible for a cat to slide out from the harness.

There are a few styles of cat harnesses on the market, our advice when choosing one is to be sure to invest in one that has sturdy but soft material. We recommend a design that has a fastening mechanism which can secure your cat the most effectively.

We opt for a thick belt band with high strength velcro around the belly and neck as cats will not be able to slide out of this design. The design ensures that when your cat is climbing trees and being adventurous, your cat's harness won't catch on branches.


How to put on a cat harness

If your cat has never worn a cat harness or a cat collar it may be a slow transition for your kitty so please be patient.

We recommend firstly acclimating your cat to the harness while they are still young, however if your cat is a bit older it is never too late to learn!

  1. Leave the cat harness out for your cat to sniff and inspect, place the harness somewhere familiar without invading their safe spaces. Now you are ready to try on the cat harness for the first time! Once your cat is comfortable and has lived with the harness in their space, we recommend trying on the harness inside the home.
  2. Hold your cat and encourage them with pats and slowly fit the belly band around their torso with a finger of space between their body and the cat harness. Keep giving your cat some nice chin scratches as they may feel a bit strange. Once you feel your cat is ready, secure the neck band on with a finger space of room between their neck and the harness.
  3. Your cat may want to run or they may feel unstable and can find it hard to walk at first. Let them walk around the house without a lead and/or let them lie down in the cat harness so they are used to the feeling.
  4. Keep repeating this routine every few days to allow your cat to gain confidence in the cat harness. Slowly introduce a lead to your routine to attach to the cat harness and walk around the house so your cat follows your cues.


NOTE: Only when you feel your cat is ready you can let your cat grow the confidence to leave the home. We recommend exploring familiar areas that your cat can usually see from the view of their favourite windows.

Once they gain more confidence to venture out of this "safe zone" you can start to walk around the neighbourhood. With more confidence you and your cat gains, you can start planning a small Cat Adventure not too far from home so if your cat starts to lack confidence you are still able to return home.

We would love to see and hear all about your kitty's cat harness progress and your dream adventure with your cat!

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