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The Impact Of Domestic Cats On Australian Wildlife

Did you know in Australia we have a total pet cat population of about 3.8 million? About 71% of these pet cats are allowed to either partially or fully roam free throughout the neighbourhood. Domestic cats have natural hunting instincts.

We know that the cats love the outdoors but did you know that on average, each pet cat that is allowed to roam the neighbourhood kills 186 reptiles, birds and mammals per year in Australia. According to a cat tracking study conducted by the Threatened Species Recovery Hub, this includes 110 native aussie animals (40 reptiles, 38 birds and 32 mammals).

Collectively, roaming pet cats kill 390 million animals per year in Australia. According to Professor Sarah Legge from The Australian National University (ANU) "Australia's mammal extinction rate is by far the highest in the world and cats have been a leading cause of at least 20, or two-thirds, of our mammal extinctions over the last 200 years,".

Although some may think that the feral cat impact on native wildlife is larger than the pet cat. Pet cats collectively kill 28–52 times more mammals, birds, reptiles per km2 in urban areas than feral cats kill per km2 in natural environments

At Cat Harness Australia, we believe in responsible pet ownership so that our furry friends can live in a happy, enriched life along with our native Australian animals. In the past, keeping your cat securely contained 24 hours a day was the only way to prevent them from killing Australia's native animals wildlife, just keeping cats in at night is not enough. 

But now, you can take your pet cat outside on walks on a secure harness, ensuring minimal impact of domestic cats on Australian wildlife. No more worrying about how to stop cats from bringing in animals, or why do cats bring birds inside. This will stop cats bringing in live animals. Every cat counts, we can all work together to reduce the impact of domestic cats on Australian wildlife.

Other Important Reason To Keep Your Cats Indoors With Harnessed Walks Only

Indoor Cats Live Longer

By keeping your cat indoors, it is not exposed to road vehicles and other animals (eg snakes, foxes, dogs, other cats). They will also not be exposed to secondary poisoning through mice and rats that have eaten poison baits. They will also not eat any toxic plants that may be found in the local environment.

By taking your cat out on a harnessed walk, you can ensure they are not getting up to any mischief whilst letting them enjoy the outdoors. Ultimately this means that you can enjoy many more years with your furry friends.

It is important to provide a comfortable home for indoor cats, especially in regards to toileting, feeding and entertainment. For information on how to keep your indoor cat happy, visit our Indoor Cat Guide, on our blog.

1$ from every Catventure Cat Harness will be donated towards WIRES, an organisation who has been rescuing and caring for wildlife in Australia for over 35 years.

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