Cat Friendly Indoor Plants: A Leafy Paw Guest Blog

Cat Friendly Indoor Plants: A Leafy Paw Guest Blog

At Cat Harness Australia, we understand the deep bond between you and your fur babies, which is why we strive to bring the best quality products for their safety, comfort, and well-being. Today, we're delighted to share some insights from a fellow cat lover and pet-parent, Nima, owner and founder of Leafy Paw. As a devoted mummy of 8 cats, @_Hausofcats on Instagram, Nima shares our passion for creating the safest and most enriched environment for our pets.


Nima's Journey: From Cat Parent to Founder of Leafy Paw

Hello, this is Nima, the proud owner and founder of Leafy Paw. Allow me to share how I got to where I am today.

My Story: @_Hausofcats

I am the proud mother of 8 fur babies that I deeply adore. You might recognize us as @_Hausofcats on Instagram. If you do, then you'll know that we are ultimate cat lovers, continuously striving to provide the best possible life for our fur babies.

Our cats are thriving in our home environment, thanks to our dedication in creating the safest and cleanest possible surroundings for them. However, we wanted to go a step further and create a more natural setting for them using indoor plants.

The Challenge: Non-Toxic Indoor Plants for Pets

This mission was not easy, as most indoor plants can be highly toxic to pets. Despite the challenges, we remained undeterred. We conducted extensive research, visiting numerous nurseries and garden centers only to find our options limited. We needed non-toxic plants that also harmonised with our home aesthetics.

After much distress and what felt like an endless cycle, an idea sparked - Why not fill the gap in the market ourselves? This is how Leafy Paw was born.

Why Leafy Paw? The Importance of Pet-Friendly Plants

Let's face it, we all love our fur babies. And if you're reading this, then you are certainly as devoted to your pets as I am. Plants are beautiful and come with endless benefits; they provide oxygen, purify the air in your home, help to eliminate bad odors, contribute to stress relief, and create a sense of serenity.

However, our pets are naturally curious. They love to explore their surroundings by smelling and touching everything. This curiosity could lead them to ingest indoor plants which could potentially be fatal. Thus, it is of utmost importance to ensure the plants in our homes are completely pet-friendly.

Creating a Fun, Natural, and Safe Environment for Pets

Whether you own a cat or dog, establishing a fun, natural, and safe environment for your pet is essential to their well-being. We have an array of options for pet-friendly plants that we would love to share with you. To enhance their appeal, we have paired our favorite plants with durable, stylish pots suited for pet parents.

We have grouped these fantastic pet-friendly plants using a range of colors and textures that we have in our own home, bringing a sense of mindfulness and zen to your living space.

The Golden Cane Palm

The Golden Cane Palm is one of our favorites. With its lush greenery and golden stems, this pet-friendly and low maintenance plant creates a gorgeous tropical vibe.

golden cane palmgolden cane palm cat

Calathea Zebrina

Calathea Zebrina, with its bright green leaves featuring black stripes and a velvet-like texture, transports you to the heart of the Amazon. This pet-friendly plant requires some care, but it's a worthy addition to your home.


The Lady Palm

The Lady Palm is a low maintenance plant that can survive in low light and has attractive finger-like leaves. It's an excellent choice for pet owners with a busy schedule.

The Lady PalmThe Lady Palm lounge

The Peacock Plant

The Peacock Plant, another member of the Calathea family, is notable for its dark green, light green, and maroon leaves. As a bonus, it reacts to nightfall and daybreak, making it an engaging part of your decor. And it's pet-friendly!

the peacock plant

Jelly Peperomia

Jelly Peperomia is perfect for those looking to add some colour to their home. This pet-friendly and low maintenance plant has glossy leaves with a pink edge.

Jelly Peperomia


Whether it's a Boston fern, birds nest fern, or button fern, we are fans of all! Ferns are an easy way to add lush greenery and create a calming ambiance in your home that you and your pet are sure to love.

Always remember to check the toxicity of an indoor plant to ensure it is safe if ingested by your fur baby.

ferns for cats

Leafy Paw: Your Go-To for Pet-Friendly Plants

To make your pet-friendly plant journey easier and more informative, we created Leafy Paw, home of pet-friendly plants. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to start your journey towards a safe, natural environment for your beloved pets

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