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Slip Slop Slap - Sunscreen For Cats

We all know how much some cats love a bit of sun and warmth. Vitamin D is important for cats and us humans. They are often found spread out, sleeping or cat loafing direct in the sunshine (outdoor cats) or near a window (indoor cats). But similarly to most things, too much can prove harmful.

Sunburn can be very dangerous for cats, especially cats with white, thin or no hair due to the nature of their skin. Sunscreen for white cats is very important when outdoors. Adventure cats can also be at risk due to their increased time in the sun. We highly recommend for our Catventure Cat Harness crew to apply before adventures.

As with us humans, too much sun exposure can lead to sore and damaged skin, which in turn can lead to skin cancer. Cat sunscreen can be a great tool in your adventure pack to ensure the best amount of sun protection on adventures.

Cat Sunscreen

Do Cats Need Sunscreen?

Just like with us humans, a combination of protection and prevention is best for protecting your cats skin from sun damage. It is important that the sunscreen you use is safe for cats. We stock the Dr Zoo Natural Zinc-free Sun Cream which a cat friendly sunscreen. It is actually edible for cats, as sometimes they like to try lick it off.

When applying sunscreen to your cat, focus the most at risk areas. Sunscreen for cats ears, nose, belly and groin areas as well as anywhere that has thin to no fur. A tip is to try distract them with treats when applying the sunscreen.

The risk of sunburn is highest through the middle of the day. So when taking your furry friend for adventures, try make it outside of these high uv radiation hours. Limiting your cat's time outdoors in the hot Australian summer sun also prevents overheating and dehydration. Another thing to consider is sun-proofing your home, uv protection window tinting will protect your cat when they fall asleep next to the window in the sun.

Can You Use Human Sunscreen On Cats?

No. They are toxic to cats and be fatal.

What Sunscreen Is Safe For Cats?

It is best to avoid sunscreens with zinc, with exposure to zinc oxide on the skin, cats can develop zinc toxicity, which damages the red blood cells. The zinc oxide in some products can contribute to stomach upset and possibly an allergic reaction, which can lead to swelling of the face and hives on your pet. It is best to stick to a Natural Zinc-free Sun Cream which is approved for cats. It is best to contact your vet to make sure the product is safe for your cat.

Prevention Is Always Key

When spending time out in the sun, whether its adventures or just cruising, make sure you are limiting your cat's sun exposure and taking breaks in the shade. It is also important to always keep your cat's water bowl topped up with fresh water. Especially in the hotter summer months. The average cat requires about 50 mL of water per kg of bodyweight daily, so thats around 250ml for the average 5kg cat.

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