Ensuring Your Cat's Enjoyment of Cat Grass and Catnip: From Sustainable Potting Mixes to Safe Harnesses

Ensuring Your Cat's Enjoyment of Cat Grass and Catnip: From Sustainable Potting Mixes to Safe Harnesses

A growing number of cat owners are turning to cat grass and catnip, plants that offer alternative sources of greens to help with digestion and reduce hairballs. However, ensuring these plants thrive indoors depends heavily on selecting the right potting mix, being aware of potential allergies, and providing the right tools for outdoor exploration, like the Catventure Harness from Cat Harness Australia.

Creating an Ethical and Sustainable Potting Mix: The Planthood Journey

Born out of a shared frustration with conventional potting mix options, Lila Rebecca founded Planthood with the goal of creating ethical, nutrient-rich, and cruelty-free alternatives. After a year of extensive research, rigorous experimentation, and some unfortunate plant casualties, Planthood came to life.

Lila's top pick for growing cat grass and catnip is the Calathea, Begonia and Peace Lily Super Soil. This mix is free from chemical fertilisers and enriched with organic ingredients, aligning perfectly with the principles of sustainability and pet safety.

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The Dangers of Using the Wrong Potting Mix:

Choosing the wrong potting mix can have significant consequences for both the plants and your cat. 

Potting mixes containing harmful chemicals can pose serious health risks if ingested by your cat. While most cats are not allergic to potting mixes, certain fertilisers, pesticides, or other chemicals contained in some mixes can be toxic if consumed in large amounts. Opting for organic, chemical-free options like those offered by Planthood is paramount.

Moreover, illl-suited potting mixes can lead to poor water drainage, resulting in waterlogged soil and root rot. These conditions can cause the plants to wilt and, ultimately, die. Nutrient deficiencies are another risk factor. A lack of essential nutrients can hinder plant growth and make them more susceptible to diseases.

Taking the Adventure Outdoors: The Importance of a Reliable Cat Harness

When your cat ventures outside to savour their cat grass, safety is a crucial concern. Unharnessed, cats can pose a considerable threat to local wildlife. A reliable cat harness is a win-win, allowing your cat to enjoy their outdoor adventures while minimising risks to themselves and the local fauna.

Choosing the Right Cat Harness

What does a good cat harness look like? A secure, jacket-style design that prevents cats from backing out, easy-to-use velcro straps for hassle-free application and removal, and comfortable material that moves with your cat's body.

At Cat Harness Australia, we've seen first-hand how traditional harnesses can fall short. Hence, we created the Catventure Harness. Its design, material, and simple yet secure velcro mechanism make it Australia’s most trusted harness. With Catventure, your cat can safely enjoy their cat grass or catnip outdoors, promoting harmony between our beloved pets and Australia's diverse fauna.

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