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Spotlight: Luxury Cat Hotel in Noosa, QLD

It's a big decision sending your fur baby on their own little getaway while you're on vacation or renovating. The question is, who can I trust and where can I leave my cat where they will be treated the same way I would treat them, where they are comfy, not scared and they can relax.

Upon browsing the internet far and wide, there is a cosy luxury cat hotel in Noosa, and wowee, we want to stay there (especially the Farmhouse Cottage)!

There is a lot of trust when handing over your cat to another carer and Amy at Noosa Country Cat hotel is the purrfect place for your furry friend.

Cat guests can relax and unwind in a stunning private setting from within 102 year old historic homestead ‘Burraburoo’. Boasting authentic country sights and sounds and fresh mountain breezes, owner Amy is highly experienced in all aspects of animal handling as well as superior cleanliness regimes and an eye for detail.

We sat down with Amy and asked her a couple questions about her gorgeous luxury Cat Hotel!
What motivated you to begin Noosa Country Cat Hotel?
I started Noosa Country Cat Hotel with luxury in mind. I wanted to create a space for cats to stay where they would be truly comfortable and content, able to sleep in peace and enjoy the sun, stretch their legs and observe bird life from our back veranda without any impact to that bird life (or wildlife in general). Essentially I was looking to break the mould in cat boarding and create a space where I’d be happy to leave my own cats, lots of one on one care and space to move about.
How does your Cat Hotel differ from other hotels?
I'm small scale and plan to stay that way... I’m not about big numbers and being super busy, I’m more about one on one care, offering a customised service with lots of options, catering for all the little intricate needs of each guest. 
My hotel is styled with a country chic vibe, a relaxed, appealing aesthetic, we use plush bedding and lovely neutral tone blankets, a range of feed and water dishes to suit each guest is on offer as well as choices in kitty litter and food of course. 
My hotel is based from within my home, so I’m there all the time... I’m able to check on guests 24/7, offer lots of attention and make sure everyone is content. This also means I keep my hotel immaculately clean, I don’t let droppings sit in litter trays, I clean them the moment they are spotted... just like caring for my own cats. 
I also take professional photos of guests daily, sending these to guests families to show them what their furry purry family member has been up to, I take pride in the photos I take of guests.


What is the benefit to having a more boutique service for cat owners rather than leaving their cats at maybe a vet or a larger Pet Hotel?
The main benefit is 24/7 around the clock care... I don’t lock up and leave for the night, I’m on-site, here for every guests need, able to hear if a guest needs me, knocks their water dish over, uses their litter tray and needs it cleaned or just generally needs my attention throughout the day or night. The other benefit is space... because I’m small scale and from my own home, I only have six suites, so you can be assured your cat won’t be surrounded by lots and lots of others, this also means lots of time to stretch their legs, outside of their suite, able to do as they would in their own home.


What unique services do you offer at your cat hotel?
I offer 24/7 around the clock care, harness walks using Cat Harness Australia harnesses which are suuuuper secure, extremely adjustable,
comfortable and safe! I also offer claw trims, baths, a pick-up and drop-off service, photo shoots (studio and lifestyle, I actually have a small photography studio on-site, check out @that_cat_studio on Instagram!), Vet checks and Vet visits for long-stay guests or guests who require routine check ups, choices in feed dish, kitty litter and food of course, lots of play using really high end Made Moggie toys and of course loads of love from me!

What type of activities do you have for the cats in your care?
I offer harness walks using Cat Harnesses Australia harnesses. These walks venture around our 9 acre property in the Noosa Hinterland and are designed to offer a load of enrichment! We go over short manicured grass to start off with, through our veggie patch, flower garden, past our chicken coup, onto our rock garden, through some long dry golden grass, up hills, down hills, into trees and onto fence posts... harness walks are a true experience here! 
I also offer claw trims, baths and photo shoots!
Your pet photography on your social media is fantastic! Is this a passion or a service you offer to your cat clients if they want portraits of their pets?
I love photography! I especially love photographing cats and small animals! I take professional photos of my guests at every opportunity! I have a small studio at the property which has been purpose built for photo shoots as I also photograph products for commercial purposes. 
I offer photography packages for guests which range from full studio shoots using natural or artificial lighting to lifestyle shoots in my own home and around the cat hotel, I use gorgeous clothes from @emandcopet and accessories from for some of these shoots too!
Head to @that_cat_studio to see some of my work! I’m based in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland in Black Mountain, right near the little town of Cooroy.


How did you learn about harness training your cats?I’ve always been a fan of animal enrichment and my previous lines of work have also been revolved around this. I’ve walked a wombat on a harness would you believe, also dingoes, chickens, ducks and a bearded dragon! I’ve worked as a wildlife park ranger in North Queensland where my role was not only animal care but also enrichment activities for them such as harness walking! 
Harness/lead walking offers so much to guests, including the opportunity to explore outside of hotel boundaries... the enrichment benefits are huge! I’ve been a cat owner since I was born, I’m also a wildlife enthusiast, so harness walking cats (and dogs) is critical to protecting wildlife while still allowing the feeling of grass beneath little paws. 


What are your tips and tricks on harness training cats that visit your hotel?I like to introduce guests to harness walking nice and slowly... I start with popping the harness close by, allowing guests to check it out fully, become familiar with its smell, texture, the look of it and even play with it if they wish! Once I notice guests totally comfy with the harness in their space, I move on to fitting it to them... I work slowly and at the discretion of each guest.
I allow guests to wear the harness for short stints over the space of a few days before we attach the lead. I also offer walks in the hotel first, then through our home, then out onto our front porch and eventually onto the grass. This process can sometimes take a few days or weeks, other times it happens fast, it’s totally guided by each guests comfort levels! 
When out on the harness for the first time I use lots of verbal praise, even a treat or two. When we return I ensure fresh water is on offer to rehydrate and I also check thoroughly for ticks and remove any grass seeds. I like to make sure rest is had, so a quiet spot to snooze is offered.


What are your outdoor activities like? Most cats like to just sniff rather than run around like a dog. Do you find that this is usually the case?
Some of our returning guests are extremely experienced on the lead, responding to verbal cues, even able to ‘sit and stay’ which is amazing! Other guests like to lead their own walk while I follow, I find this is usually the case. Either way, cats gain a great deal of enrichment from exploring and foraging, experiencing new sights and smells, feeling different textures beneath their paws and just being outside, safe and secure.

What differences do you notice in the cats in your care that are able to walk on a harness and leash?
Cats who happily walk on a harness/lead are confident, content and well adjusted... they have a zest for new experiences and take them in their stride. I generally find cats who are familiar with harness walks respond more calmly to nearby wildlife they may see too, repeated exposure may have something to do with this.

Any extra information you would like to share?
Harness walking is a fabulous and fun activity and can be started at any time, no matter the age and experience level of your cat! Feel free to contact me to learn more or for some starting tips for beginners! 

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