@geri.cat & Taiga the two face ragdoll adventure cats standing next to portrait of themselves

Interview with @geri.cat & Taiga


Q: What breeds are Geri & Taiga?
A: Both are Persian Ragdoll mixed

Q: How long did it take them to get used to walking in a harness?

A: Geri is 1-2times
(Taiga is still not used to, but i can see him look comfy than the first time!

Q: What sizes are they?

A: Medium & Large

How long have they been Catventuring?

A: 6 months :)

Q: Who’s the most confident on leash?

A: Definitely Geri

Q: Do they go out together sometimes?

A: Yes

Q: Where are their favourite adventure locations?

A: They love going to the local park and birdwatching. 

Q: What is their longest catventure?

A: Drive Sydney to Brisbane!!

Q: What are their favourite treats when outdoors?

A: Inaba churu, kit cat

Q: Any tips for future adventure cats?

A: The more they wear it, the more comfortable & confidence! Geri & Taiga are the proof.


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