Freezy Paws Functional Training Treats (Chicken Breast with Colostrum) 60g

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Australian First Functional Training Treats (Chicken Breast with Colostrum) - Superpremium Human Grade Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Raw Treats 60g

Nutritional Benefits

Take the cat's & dog’s training to a tasty new level with our Innovative Functional Training Treats Chicken Breast with Colostrum*.The naturally delicious formula makes all the difference – Our best seller Chicken Breast fortified with Colostrum. Colostrum, the “first milk” produced by cow immediately after giving birth, contains a myriad of compounds which are involved in supporting the newborn infant’s immune system. It’s beneficial as a health supplement and provides a range of natural growth and immune factors that achieve a healthy immune system at any age, promote healthy digestion, and support the health of the oral cavity.

  • Cow’s dried Colostrum
  • Contains high levels of immunoglobulins and antibacterials
  • Fast acting, builds new born animals immune system
  • Boosts growth and intestinal protection

They are the perfect low-fat chew for cats and dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies. Our functional training treats with Colostrum for use as a training treat or topper!

Plus: Palatability studies have also shown that the majority of pets enjoy the flavor of colostrum. It tastes great! 

  • 100% Human Grade
  • Only 2 ingredients, responsibly sourced. 
  • Perfect for Kitten and Puppy early development stage
  • Freeze-dried retains nutrients and the natural flavour of raw meat
  • Immune Booster
  • Intestinal Health
  • High-protein, all-natural treat 
  • Bite-sized for easy eating and portion control
  • Great for reward training and as a nutritional boost to any pet's diet
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on the stomach
  • No preservatives, no fillers, and no artificial flavours/colours
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, and guilt-free!
  • Made and grown in Australia, in small batches. 

Our freeze-dried raw meat treats have never been cooked or processed in any form whatsoever. The superior freeze-dried method preserves food naturally, so there are no added chemicals or preservatives that are found in common pet foods and treats.

Even better, all the natural vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and the great taste of real, raw meat remain the same.

Only the best treats. Because they are Paw-family!

Package Size: 

  • 60 g 
  • Ideal for dogs and cats of all size/breed/age

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
CMH de Valence
*jumps onto bench* I want more!!!

Both my cats just love this - especially my blue Burmese boy. He'd eat an entire packet if I let him! I'm really pleased to be giving them such healthy treats.

Extra special treat!

Our cat loves these treats and so we save them for extra special moments. I feel good knowing they are ‘clean’ and high in protein and fat!

Dooby recommends

These have become indespensible in our household. Dooby hates the taste of his new medication and refuses to have it. We scrape a little pocket out of the larger pieces with a skewer, pop hIs daily tablet in and put it on his nightly meal. Down the hatch!

Raelee Denniston

My cat Oscar loves them… runs from all over the house when the packet is opened!