Double Trouble Catventure Harness Pack

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The PURRFECT start to your new adventures for your Cat with our Double Trouble Catventure Harness Pack, perfect for the fashionable kitty who wants the look in both colours.

This bundle includes;

2 x Catventure Escape Proof Cat Harness - 1 x Black and 1 x Bone 

1 x Catventure Cat Leash - 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles

At Cat Harness Australia, we believe in responsible cat owners. Our escape proof cat harness, designed for and tested by Aussie domestic cats, ensures that your cat is as comfortable and secure as possible. Ideal for the Houdini cats of the world who can just about sneak their way out of any harness. Having your cat on a harness when outdoors minimises the impact of pet cats on the native Australian wildlife. For more information on this issue please visit here.

Ideal for Australia's many climate zones, our adjustable cat harness is pure cotton with an undyed lining. The ideal accessory for adventures such as road trips, bush walks and trips to the beach or local cafe. But also perfect for trips to the vet and simply a walking your cat around the backyard or neighbourhood. Being cooped up all day inside can be a bore, so broaden your kitty's horizons with an environmental enrichment walk.

Our cat harness size chart can be found below. It is important to purchase the correct sized harness for your cat to ensure it fits your cat snug and comfortably.

Available in six sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL & XXL. The harness is a jacket style which fastens with high strength velcro for around the neck and belly of your cat. The silver buckle is located on the mid-back of the harness to alleviate any pressure from the lead on your cats neck. The jacket is designed with a focus of your cat feeling secure like they are being hugged. They also have the flexibility in their shoulders to feel more confident on their walks. The jacket design is escape-proof when fastened properly, as the cats can't wiggle their arms through the arm holes.

To fasten your cat harness properly, their should be only enough room for a finger gap between the cats body and the harness. Their elbows should not be able to wiggle out of it if there is only that minimal of space. Please evaluate inside your home before your big adventure! Test to make sure you have purchased the correct size and that if you were to try get your cats elbow to wiggle out, that this won't be possible. We do NOT recommend tethering your cat in our harness to any fixings. Supervised walks only.

On our blog you can find our answers to some of the big questions.

1$ from every Catventure Cat Harness will be donated towards WIRES, an organisation who has been rescuing and caring for wildlife in Australia for over 35 years.

Cat Harness Sizing Chart

Neck Circumference      Chest Circumference
XS 14 - 21cm 18 - 28cm
S 17 - 22cm 29 - 37cm
M 22 - 29cm 34 - 41cm
L 26 - 32cm 38 - 48cm
XL 29 - 36cm 41 - 51cm
XXL 32 - 38cm 51 - 61cm

Catventure Cat Leash:

Our Catventure Leashes are taking a step in the right direction in recycled consumer pet accessories. Made from recycled plastic bottles to create a durable, flexible, tough leash to provide an eco-friendly option. The 100% recycled plastic bottles means the material is ready for all of your cats adventures and walks. No matter what adventures are planned for the day, our leash is ready for the challenge! Our mission  at Cat Harness Australia is to give cat owners the confidence to leash walk their cats, meaning we need to create well-made and practical products.

Size: 150cm long x 1.5cm wide

ECO-FRIENDLY - The leash is made from recycled plastic bottles to help take positive steps towards re-purposing plastic pollution.

PRACTICAL – Suitable for rainy days and beach/puddle adventures, the recycled material allows for quick drying and the fabric won't warp out of shape once wet. This means leash is easy to clean with no chance of reshaping, stretching or wearing out when wet.

SIMPLE DESIGN – With simple and lightweight design, this classical and durable leash is super suitable for your small pets to go for a walk. The leash offers effective protection as well as effortless control and brings a new way of walking with your lovely companion. 

PURRFECT LENGTH: 1.5 metres long, this cat leash is a perfect choice to bring balance between freedom and control for your pet during daily walks. It fits many occasions, such as walking, running, or training, safely restraining your pet from getting too far away while giving your best friend enough freedom of movement to explore and discover her/his immediate environment


The Catventure leash is practical, durable and is suitable for use in all conditions. It features a 360 degree swivel clip, perfect for Cat Harness Training when you need to keep your cat close within your reach.

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